Interviews for the world today 

Clovers is an intelligent interview platform that uses conversational intelligence to accelerate hiring, reduce bias and put the right people in the right role — every time. Are you ready to find your Clovers?

AI that accelerates modern recruiting

Interviews are the most critical moment of the candidate experience. With remote recruiting becoming the norm, it's time for companies to rethink their approach and adopt intelligent solutions that support inclusive, equitable and insightful interviews for all. By applying AI to the hiring process companies can deliver more efficient, accurate and impactful interviews resulting in diverse and engaged teams.

  • Deliver a fair, consistent interview process

  • Ask insightful questions to uncover candidates’ real talent

  • Give real-time interview coaching to hiring managers

Master the art and science of interviewing

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Accelerate hiring with the video platforms you already use

  • Integrate seamlessly with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

  • Highlight and instantly share key interview moments internally

  • Consolidate and assess feedback across the hiring team

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  • Avoid compliance risks with real-time interviewer alerts

  • Drive accountability with recorded interviews and feedback

  • Track hiring metrics such as retention, attrition, and speed of hire

Protect your company and candidates throughout the hiring process

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People are taking notice


Ready to find your Clovers?

Clovers raises $15M to deliver intelligent interviews to the modern world. 

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  • Rely on the power of replay, not recall, to accurately assess candidates 

  • Use structured questions to reduce bias during interviews

  • Coach interview teams to improve skills and deliver equitable interviews

Support your organization's DE&I goals

Virtual interviewing hasn’t been cracked yet, but it looks like Clovers might just do it.

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Don't just take our word for it


Flexible user configurations meet the unique needs of your team and organization.


Enterprise-level security and privacy supports the data requirements of your business.


Integrates with top ATS, HRIS and SSO providers to enable data and business continuity.

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